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Assorted Projects

A bunch of other stuff that I did

Popular Maps


Back in 2015~ I started publishing maps for the first time. All of these maps were released for Garry's Mod (A Source Engine game). The maps were:





Perhaps you've heard of them! All of these can still be found in the Workshop for Garry's Mod on Steam.

Hartley Asylum

After the Ghosthunt trilogy I tried to build on the concept and began working on a mod called 'Hartley Asylum'.

It was a spooky game built on the Source Engine and was all about a haunted (you guessed it) asylum. You can read more about it here. A playable build of Hartley was released in 2016.

The project fell through as I became distracted with ideas for a concept set within Valve's Half-Life universe.



Frontier is a concept I hold dear. It was a project that I worked on for a while and may revisit in future.


Frontier told a story about a bored and depressed individual living in the present day, who is transported back in time (thanks to a fault with a microwave) to a crazy and cosmic wild west. The player would arrive in a decrepit town called 'Goldtomb' which would serve as the game's main hub. From the town, the player would conduct rogue-like venturs into the desert to claim gold and rebuild the town.

The game sports a day and night cycle which is synced to the player's local time. The world changes depending on the time of day. I loved working on this project. As the day and night cycle was one of the first elements I created for the game, whilst developing the game the time of day would change. As tiny and as simple as the sprite work for the game is, it really felt like tiny a living world.

It was so much fun to work on and I really want to revisit this concept.


Tomb Time

Tomb Time was a rogue-like 2D Temple Runner.

The game consisted of navigating pre-built tombs filled with procedural content with the goal of collecting as many treasures as possible and making it to the exit.

It was fun to work on, but I became distracted by other projects and it fell by the wayside.


Mouse Gun Gallery

A tiny project that I think could evolve into something someday.


The game involves using your mouse to shoot stuff, trying to hit as many targets as you can.


Hell Improvement

Here's a dumb game you can play right now. It's not for kids, and you might shit your pants.

Hell Improvement is a 3D maze runner built in Unity. Your goal is to find the exit before Tim finds you.

Grab a copy here.

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